50 Now Sentence Examples

1. She used to be a teacher, but now she works in publishing.
2. I want to know it now; I don’t have more time to wait for tomorrow.
3. Yes, now I got what you are trying to tell.
4. Both her friends are now married and went to Delhi.
5. After twenty years of government, the country now has a new government.
6. He may eat something if he is hungry now.
7. Both of my sisters now own their flats.
8. Smartphones have become necessary now, so many people buy a smartphone
9. After smoking for ten years, now he is suffering from a chest infection.
10. The office now has an accountant to look after the expenses.
11. Now, where are you going?
12. Now it isn’t a good time to speak to her boss.
13. She’s been a US civilian for fifteen years now.
14. I thought you’d be completed your work by now.
15. Don’t speak anything, that’s all for now.
16. Now it’s a convenient time to meet them.
17. She is a principal now; she runs a school in Mumbai.
18. Tshirts now cost well below 3 dollars each.
19. Now is your chance to sit in a chair.
20. It’s urgent, I must go now.
21. I read that novel two years ago, but now I don’t remember what it is about.
22. They’ve been married now for 20 years.
23. Now, don’t talk so loud; time has flown.
24. Now prepare for competitive exams.
25. She brought a chair to repair. I’ll repair it now.
26. I’m all better now. There isn’t anything to worry about.
27. Don’t compare with me; now I’m an old man.
28. I think you are hungry now; I order a pizza for you?
29. Streets are empty; we can go now.
30. It’s too late. Go to sleep now.
31. How are you feeling now?
32. Now I am staying in Mumbai.
33. She is very fade up from work, she needs your help now.
34. Something went wrong; I’ll fix it now.
35. My work is over; I’m leaving now.
36. Now I am on duty, I can’t meet you.
37. I am free now, we can have a coffee.
38. It is nine o’clock now, go to bed.
39. Let them discuss now.
40. All topics are covered; you may leave now.
41. Let’s have lunch now.
42. Now she is not feeling well, so she is not coming to the office.
43. Hurry up. Now it’s time to get ready.
44. Now settle down and breathe deeply.
45. Stand still. Now turn around.
46. I can’t meet sam. He is busy with his designs now.
47. I am now alone, so wandering on the streets.
48. I am ready now. Let’s go for a walk.
49. You must take your relationship serious now.
50. Get up now, and start working.

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