50 In Sentence Examples

  1. I kept my lunch box in the kitchen.
  2. She cleans her house in the evening every day.
  3. Children are playing on the ground.
  4. He always stays in a five-star hotel.
  5. You should believe in yourself.
  6. Get in the bus.
  7. Don’t forget, keep in touch.
  8. Let her in the inn.
  9. Saurabh is in the room.
  10. He bathes in the pool.
  11. Mother sat in the armchair.
  12. Maharashtra is in India.
  13. It is made in India.
  14. Sahil’s hometown is in Maharashtra.
  15. The students stand in a line.
  16. He has been in quarantine for four days.
  17. Sam worked in Mumbai.
  18. Tie all those sticks in bunches.
  19. Everybody went in to listen to the speeches.
  20. I had visited that place in 2012.
  21. The English language becomes beautiful when we use idioms in sentences.
  22. He drew a picture in a circle.
  23. She likes a design in pink.
  24. The caricatures are mostly black.
  25. Send her in to check out the room.
  26. I am paying you for clothes in advance.
  27. I have seen a beautiful garden in my dream.
  28. Suddenly they all came in and started arguing with the manager.
  29. First, you have to sign in to your account.
  30. We can get this table in four different sizes.
  31. She purchased bowls in six different sizes.
  32. She always starts her work in the morning.
  33. The third semester will begin in June.
  34. Diwali always falls in November.
  35. She has completed her training in 2010.
  36. There is always traffic jam in the rainy season.
  37. He joined the swimming class in the summer.
  38. He doesn’t believe in curses and blessings.
  39. I am interested in teaching.
  40. You will get it in an hour.
  41. He joined a multinational company in 2010.
  42. Students purchase raincoats in the rainy season.
  43. There were too many deaths due to the Covid pandemic in 2020.
  44. He was in America at the time of sports.
  45. He dissolved salt in lemonade and drank.
  46. The entries were flooded in the competition.
  47. He will arrive in the morning.
  48. Keep those things in the corner.
  49. He has submitted his project in September.
  50. I go for a walk in the evening.

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