50 On Sentence Examples

  1. Your book is on the table.
  2. Children day falls on the 14th of November.
  3. None will wait for you. Be on time.
  4. Dolly put the vegetables on the kitchen top.
  5. He realized that he was wrong while walking on the road.
  6. There is a bank holiday on Monday.
  7. The dairy is on the shelf above the books.
  8. I went on reading till the story ended.
  9. He called his horse and got on it.
  10. Every planning is on schedule.
  11. She came on the 26th of June last year.
  12. I met her onTuesday
  13. Deep always writes on the wooden table.
  14. She slapped him on his cheek.
  15. She kept on weeping for too much time.
  16. The computer runs on electricity.
  17. They held a meeting on Sunday.
  18. Please pass it on to me.
  19. The show must go on.
  20. If I plan something, I fully concentrate on it.
  21. Could you put on your uniform, it’s too late.
  22. Today I won’t go office; I am on leave.
  23. Yesterday, my brother was on duty.
  24. Come on; we have to manage an event.
  25. There is a swelling on my toe.
  26. Sameer has been designing on the computer since the afternoon.
  27. Butterflies feed on nectar/ honey.
  28. We will meet on Monday at the station.
  29. Cows are sitting on the grass in the field.
  30. It depends on the facilities we get there.
  31. He showed pity on that animal.
  32. She is not with him. He cheated on her.
  33. Just keep on watching.
  34. Hold on; I’ll come back to you.
  35. That serial is aired on TV every night.
  36. She kept her belongings on sale.
  37. They set the mall on fire.
  38. Our school is reopening on Monday.
  39. Come on, everybody and watch this documentary.
  40. He has to work on weekends also.
  41. Concentrate on your work.
  42. Turn on the light and fan.
  43. You behave rudely; shame on you.
  44. She kept all the dresses on sale.
  45. Nothing is going on.
  46. I shall get there on Saturday.
  47. That glass is on the top.
  48. The book is on the table.
  49. There is red colour on the wall.
  50. I congratulate you on your success.

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