50 Since Sentence Examples

  1. It has been continuously raining since this morning.
  2. People have been vaccinated against Coronavirus since 2020.
  3. She has visited the place once since she left.
  4. I have been teaching English since 1988.
  5. Thirty years have passed away since I went to my hometown.
  6. She has been blind since birth.
  7. He has been a Member of the Central district bank since 2010.
  8. Since I don’t have a gate pass, I can’t come.
  9. We have been neighbours since we were kids.
  10. She has been at my home many times since she joined the firm.
  11. I have waited for you since.
  12. She has been married since 2000.
  13. All the things have changed since her mother’s death.
  14. It has been feeling warm since yesterday morning.
  15. We have been in this city since the starting of November. 
  16. She has been unbearable since she won the beauty contest.
  17. Since I learned what WordPress is, I managed my sites without anyone’s help.
  18. We left in June, and we haven’t met our children since.
  19. It has rained four times since June.
  20. They are neighbours and have been friends since their childhood.
  21. He didn’t meet her since they quarrelled.
  22. So much has changed in the education system since I was a kid. 
  23. Since she is sick, she can’t participate in the event.
  24. We have lived there since before the birth of my child.
  25. Since he went through the list of Social bookmarking sites, he is digging more into it.
  26. She has joined a school in 2000 and has been a teacher ever since.
  27. I have been busy since I came here.
  28. She left in June, and I haven’t seen her since then.
  29. About ten thousand people have joined the farmer protest, several hundred of whom have since been died. 
  30. He has had skin disease since she swam in a swimming pool.
  31. She had been wandering on the road since ten AM.
  32. He has been anchoring the events since his teenage.
  33. She has been facing the disease of colour blindness since last year.
  34. Nobody has seen her since she met with an accident.
  35. Since there was a Corona wave, I stayed home.
  36. He didn’t have anything since morning.
  37. We have lived there since 2000.
  38. She hasn’t worked since her leave.
  39. Since you unintentionally spoke this, I should let it go.
  40. He has been lonely since his relationship broke up.
  41. Since she met me, I have changed my mind.
  42. They arrived Monday and have been staying here since.
  43. He completely changed since his accident.
  44. We have been facing the water issue since last week.
  45. Farmers were joined to protest since the laws against farmers came into effect. 
  46. Uddhav Thakare was elected in 2019 and has been Chief Minister of Maharashtra ever since
  47. Twenty years have passed since we met.
  48. She has had a headache since yesterday morning.
  49. A lot of happened since I left that area.
  50. They didn’t get a chance to participate in the premier league since they didn’t qualify.

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