50 Against Sentence Examples

  1. I am totally against the war. It is dangerous for all lives.
  2. At that time, luck was against me.
  3. He cried out against injustice, and at last, he got justice.
  4. We are against corruption, and we started a movement.
  5. He leaned against the staircase.
  6. She struggled too much against failure.
  7. John decided against it.
  8. If we have so many things in our minds, we have to fight against sleep.
  9. India played against Australia.
  10. Her son rebelled against her decision of his marriage.
  11. People will definitely vote against him.
  12. The employers revolted against the management.
  13. Most of the parliament members voted against the farmer bill.
  14. All are vaccinated against Covid.
  15. I didn’t ask her opinion; it turned her against me.
  16. They are fighting against castism and discrimination.
  17. She stood against the corner of a wall.
  18. All proofs are against him.
  19. We were struggling against the dictatorship.
  20. There was a jerk as the bus bumped against a tree.
  21. She likes to swim against the stream.
  22. He felt some soft touch against his skin. 
  23. He leaned against her mother’s feet.
  24. She put the cupboard against the white wall.
  25. Half of the members voted against the proposal.
  26. The leaves beat against her face as she walked near a tree.
  27. All Parents are against the decision of starting a school.
  28. We all spoke against the decision of decreasing the payment.
  29. He is against his friend as he doesn’t respect his mother.
  30. They always rebel against their authority.
  31. He made him up against the pressure power of farmers.
  32. There are two criminal charges against my neighbour.
  33. Ten thousand workers gathered to protest against the job cuts.
  34. She is against his proposal of cutting the trees to make things.
  35. He applied not to take legal action against him.
  36. We came up against so many difficulties while surviving in the forest.
  37. The storm was beating against the door of a mansion.
  38. They were preparing to fight against the British.
  39. We should ensure ourselves against accidents.
  40. His behaviour was against the rules of society.
  41. Argentina played well against England.
  42. The trees must be protected against soil erosion.
  43. This year, the Rupee is devalued against the US dollar.
  44. She has nothing against him to hate.
  45. Vaccination offers protection against fatal diseases.
  46. This practice is against humanism.
  47. Consuming or supplying drugs is against the law.
  48. She fell against the bike parked near the tree.
  49. The violence broke against the workers who joined during the strike.
  50. Sam was not against anybody in the meeting.

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