50 Quickly Sentence Examples

  1. They have to finish their project work quickly to submit it on time.
  2. Do something quickly to resolve the issue.
  3. I quickly realized that I had reached the wrong place.
  4. John speaks so quickly that we cannot understand his words.
  5. He quickly left Mumbai to see her sister.
  6. He ran very quickly.
  7. Kids learn quickly than adults.
  8. A monkey climbed quickly on the tree.
  9. She died quickly after reaching the hospital.
  10. Time flies so quickly.
  11. They quickly changed their schedule as soon as the epidemic broke.
  12. Don’t eat so quickly; we don’t have to go anywhere.
  13. We should start quickly for the train.
  14. I mailed her for some information, she responded quickly.
  15. They went quickly out of the plane.
  16. He ate quickly and went out.
  17. He quickly proved himself innocent.
  18. Her parents accepted their mistake quickly.
  19. We should do it quickly to get the result.
  20. A fire broke quickly throughout the forest.
  21. They served the order quickly as we were in a hurry.
  22. We adopted a child quickly after we left the city. 
  23. Some of the things degrade very quickly.
  24. The government quickly took the decision of employment.
  25. She quickly got bored by the movie.
  26. Everybody got out quickly to see what was going on.
  27. You reached there so quickly.
  28. She tried to burn the cracker, and it burnt quickly.
  29. How children grow so quickly!
  30. Real estate got depreciated quickly.
  31. Light travels very quickly, it cannot be compared with anything.
  32. Clothes dried up quickly after spin.
  33. The authority quickly changed his uniform.
  34. Lions attack their prey quickly.
  35. He filled the bottle quickly with water.
  36. Dry things like wood, clothes burn quickly.
  37. Run quickly after him; you have to catch him at any cost.
  38. She acquired the cabin quickly.
  39. An ostrich runs quickly.
  40. The clouds quickly disappeared.
  41. She called me, and I turned around quickly.
  42. She had to enter, so she dressed quickly.
  43. Due to his disease, he is ageing quickly.
  44. Food gets spoiled very quickly in hot weather.
  45. Nowadays, things are changing quickly, so we should swim by the stream.
  46. I must move quickly; I have to take a flight.
  47. Sam looked up quickly as his mother asked him to do so.
  48. We can solve the issues quickly when we cooperate with each other.
  49. He was trying to recapture his world record quickly.
  50. My bruise heals so quickly.

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