50 More Sentence Examples

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  2. He has to design a building, and he needs more detailed information about the project.
  3. I could have scored more if I had studied more.
  4. Calm down. There aren’t any more problems. 
  5. To write an article about a mental case, you need more knowledge about the psychology of persons.
  6. She likes junk food much more than beverages.
  7. He applied for leave next month to get more time for his other works.
  8. You should be more careful with your health.
  9. I am too tired to work anymore. 
  10. She doesn’t know what more she can do for him.
  11. She wants to be economically more strong.
  12. Your article should be more informative.
  13. She wants to rest a little more.
  14. You have got one more chance. You should give your best now.
  15. I told you everything. I don’t know much more than that
  16. There aren’t any more lessons.
  17. You shouldn’t eat more than your hunger.
  18. She likes to know more about her friends.
  19. I don’t have more time, listen to me carefully.
  20. He can’t give more time to his family.
  21. You still need more self-help training.
  22. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits every day. 
  23. Bring me some more water. I am so thirsty.
  24. We have three more days to prepare.
  25. I can’t take any more of this.
  26. She couldn’t do any work. She asked for some more time.
  27. Practise more by taking a few more tests.
  28. As she couldn’t walk fast, she asked me to walk more slowly. 
  29. She always makes things more difficult.
  30. I need to take more woollen clothes.
  31. She likes to discuss more her son’s achievements.
  32. He could’ve arranged more scripts. 
  33. If you have to win, you need a little more practice. 
  34. I could have some more coffee.
  35. We stayed there for more than an hour. 
  36. Taking more debt than paying capacity gives tension.
  37. She asked me to do it one more time. 
  38. I don’t want to give her any more trouble.
  39. He will be more careful from now on.
  40. After marriage, I will have to earn more money. 
  41. Would you like to tell more about that? 
  42. He took more loans than his capacity to repay.
  43. I want to visit that place once more.
  44. Put more salt in the rice.
  45. I went to D-mart yesterday, and I bought one more towel.
  46. It will be better you study Grammar more
  47. We will sit there for more than one hour.
  48. She has more notebooks than she needs; she gives some to her friend.
  49. You need to read those papers more carefully. 
  50. He has only a few more hours to submit his project.

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