50 Did Sentence Examples

  1. We did our laundry on Saturday.
  2. Sameer did ask questions about designing a building.
  3. Parth did send me a message.
  4. Goli did join us for some time.
  5. She did research on plants at different sites.
  6. Employees did their work well.
  7. Prachi did speak on this topic with her mother.
  8. They did too much for me during my difficult days.
  9. The staff did office work in time.
  10. She did use ‘did’ to emphasize the action in a sentence.
  11. You did according to your convenience.
  12. They did their homework at night.
  13. She did write about natural calamities.
  14. We did according to the situation at that time.
  15. He did his computerized work in his room.
  16. They did a good job.
  17. She did perform a one-act play on stage.
  18. I did it on my own in the last month.
  19. She did follow her on Facebook.
  20. They did it once again to get the bag.
  21. He did sing songs at the annual function of the school.
  22. We did a discussion on this topic with her mother.
  23. The cleaner did the cleaning on Monday.
  24. She did change the book cover frequently.
  25. Anjali did close windows in the night.
  26. I did love my computer.
  27. You did as you wished in those days.
  28. We did know how to tackle that situation.
  29. Parents did take care of their kids.
  30. They did it correctly.
  31. I did a painting on Sunday.
  32. Students did clean the playground of a school.
  33. Teachers did guide students to solve the examples of mathematics.
  34. We did arrange the program for social service.
  35. You did simplify what you had to tell.
  36. They did play every Sunday.
  37. We did play the piano.
  38. They did go once again to get the bag.
  39. I did replace the old machine with the new one.
  40. We did admit that she was wrong.
  41. She did as I did in that program.
  42. I did observe its growth daily.
  43. They did come on the occasion of their wedding anniversary.
  44. They did planning in the office.
  45. She did go to her home town every year.
  46. Chetan did agree to pay workers their proper remuneration.
  47. Saumya did read a book in a library.
  48. I did my duty well yesterday.
  49. He did wash plates before use.
  50. She did accept that she was wrong.

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