50 Every Sentence Examples

  1. She heard every word I said, but she pretended not to hear.
  2. His every move helped him win in the competition.
  3. Exercising every day boosts you to do more work.
  4. They drive to their field every few months.
  5. She devotes every second to working in the office.
  6. Every day she goes for a walk in the park at 8 a.m.
  7. Time is precious; we should count every minute and utilize it.
  8. I know every member of society. 
  9. I could hear every word they said behind the door.
  10. I meditate for an hour every morning.
  11. The students enjoyed every minute of the trip.
  12. Both of my sons go to the gym every day.
  13. I make a to-do list every month.
  14. When I speak to her, she gets that wrong every time.
  15. He solved every problem that he had last year.
  16. I ask the students to read every chapter in a book. 
  17. They were practising their every movement to succeed.
  18. She eats sweets every day.
  19. Everyone in the crowd was angry at the criminal.
  20. We attended every meeting when we stayed there.
  21. The trains run every 3 minutes, so you should not worry.
  22. They had to rest every few miles to be more energetic.
  23. Every man is for himself.
  24. Seven in every ten buildings have lifts.
  25. Life is precious, so enjoy every time.
  26. He has every weekend off, so he does private work on weekends.
  27. Every rule has exceptions.
  28. They see each other every Sunday.
  29. Note every detail in your diary.
  30. Every now and then, I remember my mother.
  31. He spoke to every person at the marriage ceremony.
  32. Every person likes his own house.
  33. She participated in every event at the program.
  34. Every dog has its days.
  35. She agreed with every term included in an agreement.
  36. Vaccination centres are opened in every village.
  37. We should account for every penny.
  38. They placed a stone after every ten trees.
  39. Every person is different from others.
  40. He quarrels with his brother every third day.
  41. Every fourth person has a car in that city.
  42. She buys something for me every time we go out.
  43. They take every precaution of their health.
  44. This food gives a perfect result every time you eat.
  45. Every person is against the chairperson.
  46. Coincidences don’t happen every day.
  47. She follows everyone in that network. 
  48. Every one of them is struggling with the new role in a movie.
  49. Every child getting treatment is fortunate.
  50. Do not spend every penny you have.

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