50 Under Sentence Examples

  1. You are under arrest.
  2. I am working under my sister’s guidance.
  3. The doctor put the thermometer under her tongue.
  4. He has been under treatment for two days.
  5. She is under a lot of work pressure.
  6. For a while, we sat under a tree.
  7. Most of the fields in the Konkan area are under rice.
  8. He is under a lot of stress due to his job.
  9. This article comes under technology.
  10. She works under me
  11. He couldn’t get my diary because I hid it under my pillow.
  12. We have started three campaigns under one roof.
  13. She bent down and looked under the bed.
  14. Everything is under control, he reported.
  15. If you get under forty per cent, you will fail the exam.
  16. You will get all the facilities under one roof.
  17. The builder completed the building work under challenging conditions.
  18. Yesterday, they were under attack.
  19. He ran his marathon in under two hours.
  20. We live two floors under him.
  21. You are under surveillance.
  22. Now a situation is under control.
  23. Hide under the seat.
  24. They agreed on all terms under one condition.
  25. He cannot share anything because he is under a pledge of secrecy.
  26. The lions lay down under the shade of a tree.
  27. I always keep it under guard.
  28. The case is under investigation.
  29. He is under suspicion of a murder case.
  30. You have to wait; the topic is under discussion.
  31. The building is under construction.
  32. I thought you were under fifty.
  33. I went to the hospital, but Nannie was under anaesthesia.
  34. At that time, I was under quarantine.
  35. The project plan is under discussion.
  36. First, clean under your nails and then have lunch.
  37. Cat saw a dog, and it hid under the table.
  38. Our building is under repair.
  39. The theft case investigation is underway.
  40. In the pandemic period, people were under pressure.
  41. He should remember that he is under oath.
  42. We enjoyed under the stars.
  43. The firm is under new management.
  44. His house is under construction.
  45. All are under normal circumstances.
  46. You are under age.
  47. He is selected under eighteen group.
  48. They are working under snow.
  49. He met me under another name.
  50. You can get any item for under a dollar.

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