50 Across Sentence Examples

  1. They walked across the road near her house.
  2. I saw you were walking across the street near my house.
  3. We ran around the tree across the garden. 
  4. The work of building a new bridge is going on across the river.
  5. The railroads were built across the station.
  6. When it reached the river, it simply swam across and hid behind the tree.
  7. We are getting across the park.
  8. A lake is four miles across.
  9. There is a railway station just across the mall.
  10. The station is fifty meters across.
  11. Sheela hung a banner across the wall saying “sweet home”.
  12. The ball rolled across the ground fence.
  13. They tied his arms across his chest.
  14. We walked across the bridge.
  15. I saw my clothes were lying across the bed.
  16. Take a shortcut across the station.
  17. Her belongings were packed into chests and shipped across to New York.
  18. My store is across the street.
  19. The hotel chain opens across America in February.
  20. He sailed across the sea.
  21. They saw a lion passing across the field.
  22. Last year, we travelled across the ocean.
  23. Her hair is lying across her face.
  24. A swan swam across the creek.
  25. The protest took place peacefully across most parts of the country.
  26. She came across a sudden accident.
  27. There is a hanging garden across the road.
  28. She shuffled across the room of a hotel.
  29. I know, there is a small hut just across the river.
  30. We stayed in the hotel across the river.
  31. There must be something good; I saw a big grin across her face.
  32. I drove across the city as fun.
  33. Our office is just across the road.
  34. She came across the narrow street.
  35. They hurried across the field.
  36. Please, sign across the stamp.
  37. We will never go across the dam.
  38. The floating bridge across the river was beautifully decorated.
  39. Across the mountain, travellers were gathering.
  40. There is a CC TV camera across the street.
  41. We moved across the street.
  42. He punched his friend across the face.
  43. They ran straight across in front of us.
  44. It is right across the fence of the hospital.
  45. My fingers float across it.
  46. He started his business in the store across the mall.
  47. The boy is swimming across the dam.
  48. I am hosting an event just across from your school.
  49. There were so many soldiers across the border.
  50. It is an educational society that has over 50 schools across India.

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