50 No Sentence Examples

  1. I see no reason for us going there and discuss with him.
  2. We have no regular lessons since a week.
  3. No problem, you can come any time.
  4. He has no respect for his mother.
  5. No way.
  6. No parking area.
  7. No, thank you.
  8. The theories are of no great applicable.
  9. No kidding, be serious.
  10. She is in no condition to attend the meeting.
  11. No one disrespect us but ourselves.
  12. No smoking, please.
  13. I had no intention to apply for the post.
  14. Don’t worry, no one wise at all times. 
  15. My fiction was no longer protected by copyright.
  16. The exam is no more difficult than the tests in a class. 
  17. No one called him, but he came.
  18. There is no election this year.
  19. There is no fence for misfortune.
  20. No people live
  21. He gave no clue to find out the reason of crime.
  22. No doubt, you can do it well.
  23. No, I don’t mean it.
  24. We have no better life without health. 
  25. No trees grow on the top of the mountain.
  26. There will be no harm by my dog. 
  27. The birds on a tree made no sound. 
  28. There are no cattle in a field.
  29. He sat in a room with no lamp lit.
  30. Start your business with no investment at all.
  31. There is no way to oppose her.
  32. I have no food for my lunch.
  33. She had no reason to be jealous of her sister.
  34. No wonder he received a prize, he deserves it.
  35. I have no experience of playing on such type of game.
  36. There is no hard and fast rule to succeed.
  37. No matter, what do you think, it is about your behaviour.
  38. There is no response from her yet.
  39. No place is better than home.
  40. There is no fire without smoke. 
  41. No, I painted it on oil paper.
  42. There is no facility of riding.
  43. It’s no use spending time without any goal.
  44. No one spoke me about the show.
  45. He has no money with him, so I spent for him.
  46. There was no media to cover the news except one.
  47. It made me no sense.
  48. She has no desire to have married.
  49. I have no idea he is teasing you.
  50. There is no veges left.

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